About me

ClayGirl Bunny has been a growing baby in the womb since 2021 and I gave birth this summer of 2023! She is a one woman show operated, created, and run by me, Jazmin Harrington. I started out playing with clay seven years ago and never looked back. My beginning focus in ceramics was figural sculpture work (which you can find in the link below) and is still a huge passion of mine! However I created ClayGirl Bunny to find a way to express myself and all the other influences I find throughout life and embrace them through my work. My main priority behind CGB is to create pieces that are more accessible and readily available to folks around me. I love home decor and find myself heavily influenced by Disco Decor. I'm also in love with roller skating, traditional tattoo imagery, my dogs, and the beautiful PNW I am now engulfed in. I blend a sculptural approach to my hand building techniques while mixing in my mediocre pottery skills. You'll find the sgraffito technique just happens to be my favorite and one that I use in most of my surface design. I'll eventually branch out I swear. I hope to use ClayGirl Bunny as an outlet to express  the imagery I'm influenced by in my daily into my work, where my fine art forms gave less of a chance to do so. You could say this is just a way for my sketchbooks to regurgitate into my clay play. I think it's pretty cool, I hope you do too.



If you want things to get a little more serious between us check out my portfolio of my fine art pieces, they ain't too bad either.

Next Drop

Coming soon, mark your calenders for August 18th for the next product drop!